Clayton: Hit or miss Locker is 28th QB

ESPN.com senior writer John Clayton has new quarterback ratings out and Jake Locker sits in a tier Clayton calls the Hit-or-Miss Division.

Locker is 28th of the NFL’s starting 32 quarterbacks. That’s up from 31st in Ron Jaworski’s offseason ratings.

Clayton’s Analysis: "Mike Munchak improved the offensive line and plans to go to more of a running offense. That fits Locker's ability, but it's debatable how efficient he can be running an offense. He completed 56.4 percent of his passes last year. Some look at him as a Mark Sanchez type who can win if the talent around him is good and the defense is equally good. The pressure is on him to show improvement this year."

Clayton says Locker’s arrow is flat.

I try to guard, guard, guard against reading too much in the preseason. But Locker has looked better. Based on that and what I watched in practice, I’d say the arrow is at least slightly up.

Now practice and preseason games are not close to opening day in Pittsburgh. Locker can get amped up and try to do too much, and his level of calm early in that game at Heinz Field will tell me more about how much he’s progressed than anything I’ve seen since last season ended.