Some scouting thoughts on Fitzpatrick

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –- As the Tennessee Titans prepare to go forward with Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starting quarterback for at least a few games, I reached out to guys who scout the league to get some opinions on Fitzpatrick versus Jake Locker.

Matt Williamson, ESPN.com’s resident scout, isn’t a big Fitzpatrick backer.

“Fitz is very streaky, but not nearly as gifted as Locker,” he said. “Fitz needs to be a smart game manager, but even though he went to Harvard, he doesn't play all that smart in my opinion. He’s an inherent risk taker whose body can't cash the checks that his brain often writes.”

I asked Williamson and two guys I respect who work for NFL teams who is better between Locker and Fitzpatrick in four key categories.

Accuracy: All three said Fitzpatrick.

Reacting to pressure: All three said Locker.

Arm Strength: All three said Locker.

Working under center: All three said Fitzpatrick.

Williamson said he agrees with my thinking that Fitzpatrick will likely use the middle of the field more than Locker has. We’ll visit that more extensively in a later post.