Expect Titans to spy Russell Wilson

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has run for just 61 fewer yards than Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson.

So Sunday at CenturyLink Field, a Titans defense that has played well will be looking to hem in the most mobile quarterback it's seen so far this season.

"When you get a guy that's really good that can pass and run, most guys drop back and the rushers go past him, now you're in trouble, now the coverage is going to break down," defensive coordinator Jerry Gray said. "So you've got to go to more zone, and really you don't want to do those things. You've got to have some other guys that are kind of watching out for him."

The No. 1 spy for Wilson could be weak side linebacker Zach Brown. But it's about more than spying.

"Your rush may be a little bit different," Gray said. "You may not try to pass rush to sack him. You can pass rush to keep him in the pocket."

Gray recalled that was the Titans' strategy when he was in his first stint with the franchise and it faced Donovan McNabb with Philadelphia.

The Titans are unlikely to keep Wilson from running entirely. But head coach Mike Munchak said his team has to minimize the impact when he takes off.

"The bottom line is tackle him when he gets to the open field," Munchak said. "He's going to get a 10-yard, 12-yard run just like Jake [Locker] will when he runs or even Fitz [Ryan Fitzpatrick] last week. You've got to tackle the guy. That's the biggest thing if it's eight yards, don't turn it into 20 or 30 and turn the field on you. That's part of the challenge. There's frustration.

"You've got to stay in your run lanes, do the best you can. He's a guy that should be sacked a lot more than he has been. He gets out of a lot of issues and has a great feel for when the pocket's broken down. [That's when] he becomes dangerous, especially at home on turf."