RTC: A giant swing game for the Titans

Reading the coverage of the Tennessee Titans ...

Sunday is a giant swing game for the Titans, says Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean. They could be tied for first place in the AFC South or could have the same record they did after seven games of their 2012 6-10 season.

To which I say: Some players threw around “must-win,” which is always dangerous, because what happens if they lose? Bernard Pollard says they aren’t a .500 team no matter what the media and the analysts say. Odd. If the media and analysts look at the Titans’ record, they see a 3-3 record.

Receiver Michael Preston joined the Titans' practice squad after he went unclaimed on waivers, says Wyatt.

The Tennessean’s game preview. Rookie center Brian Schwenke versus 49ers NT Tony Jerod-Eddie ranks as a big matchup.

Titans cornerbacks look to have a giant advantage against the 49ers' receivers, says Jeff Deeney of Pro Football Focus.