What I think the Titans are thinking

What I think they’re thinking in the headquarters of the Tennessee Titans this afternoon…

Everyone is sticking around at four and five wins in the race for that final AFC playoff berth, which makes us feel like we’re still in it. That’s great that so many other teams are below average. But we can’t sit around and count on all that help. Even we have to admit odds of a 6-10 team getting that spot are very, very low. For any of what’s going on with everyone else to matter, we actually have to win games and why would we have the confidence we’re going to do that after losing five of six and two in row to Jacksonville and Indianapolis at home? We wait and wait for something to change, someone to step forward, some bolt of lightning to hit us. Who’s going to provide it? Where’s it going to come from? Not from me. I’m following coach’s lead and keeping my head down, staying quiet, staying in my lane. Maybe somebody else will do something that I can grab onto.