Poll: Who should be Titans' first captain?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The offense, defense and special teams have voted on captains for the Tennessee Titans.

Mike Munchak is likely to share results and name the guys who will wear the "C" patches on the jerseys on Wednesday.

There are not clear-cut choices on this team, where leadership has been an issues and an influx of new guys are jelling with those who've been around a while.

I'm not sure who I'd have voted for if given a ballot.

But I thought it'd be interesting to see who you think should be the first guy chosen. I had to narrow to five for a poll and you can only vote for one.

A bit on each:

Jake Locker: It's natural for the quarterback to be a captain. The position almost calls for it. He has the respect of his teammates, and while he can get too hyped up and try to do too much, when he settles in he's capable of play that goes with a big leadership position.

Andy Levitre: A guard as captain might be a little odd. But this is going to be an offensive line driven team. And while Michael Roos might be more fitting as a long-time presence, Levitre has a more outgoing personality.

Jason McCourty: The cornerback is calm and collected, has perspective as good as anyone and talks sense. He also should be one of the team's top defenders.

Derrick Morgan: The defensive end is one of the guys the team is counting on making a giant leap. He's a smart, hard worker and a skilled pass-rusher who can show the type of fire you want to see from a guy given the honor.

Bernard Pollard: The strong safety is the most outspoken player on the team, which puts him at the forefront of the attempt to change the defensive attitude.