How you and I can connect

OK, here we are at the official start of preparations for Week 1.

It seemed like a good time to check in with you and give you my contact information.

You're easiest route to me is Twitter, where I am @PaulKuharskyNFL. Everything I write will be tweeted out, and some stuff that's worth noting but not worth writing about will show up there too. As a bonus, you'll also get comments that aren't about the Titans or the NFL. (For now, you'll also get links to AFC South pieces by my three colleagues covering the Texans, Colts and Jaguars.)

You can also find me via email with tips or suggestions. I'm going to try to check this account frequently: pkuharsky@gmail.com.

I'll try to do a weekly Twitter mailbag, generally calling for questions on Fridays that I will then build into a post.

We'll stick with the weekly chat on Thursdays at noon ET/11 a.m. CT. Titans-centric, but if you ask something about another team and I have a comment or an answer, I'll certainly offer it. We'll stray from football when a new band, movie or "Breaking Bad" development crops up and you want to go there.

On Sundays I'm going to be interested in your game-related pictures. Tweet me anything and everything -- your tailgate, your view in the stadium, the monstrous sandwich you've made for halftime at home. I want to see your game-day experiences and do what I can to share them.

Speaking of pictures, you'll find some from me at pkuharsky on Instagram.

I want your ideas. Volume will mean I can't hit everything. But there should be several posts a week based on things readers have asked me about. I'm also going to experiment with things like "The Periodic Podcast," which debuted last week. I'm playing with ideas like "Survey Says" and "Technique Talk." I welcome stuff in that vein.

I'm on the radio in Nashville as part of The Midday 180, and you might want to follow us on Twitter as well. Our regular weekly guests during football season include Titans general manager Ruston Webster, Greg Cosell of NFL Films and John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. It streams 12-3 p.m. CT here.

My (mostly) daily "Reading the coverage file" is going to include the nuts and bolts. But I'm interested in sifting through the offbeat blogs and non-mainstream work. If you've written or read something you think should be considered, please alert me. I can't promise I'll include it. I can promise I'll consider it.

I'm looking forward to a big season, and your input can have a big impact.

Bring it.