What I think the Titans should be thinking

What I think they should be thinking in the headquarters of the Tennessee Titans this afternoon ...

What a waste. All that promise and hope, all these additions and changes and here we are, in need of a two-game winning streak just to be a game better than last season in the standings. There is some giant missing ingredient here, it creates an invisible wall that we can’t bust down or climb over. Sticking with the status quo won’t get us there. It’s silly to think we should just keep going like this and something will change. We need to try to identify that ingredient and bring in people who will provide it. We’re going to Jacksonville to face a team that’s a game worse than us right now. If we lose to the Jaguars again, they’ll leap us in the standings and we’ll likely finish third in the worst division in football. If that doesn’t call for changes, what does? I wonder if I will be part of those changes?