Will fans stay away to express dismay?


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans announced 69,143 tickets were distributed for their last home game, a 37-34 overtime loss to Arizona.

Later that week, the team's top non-football executive, Don MacLachlan, told us on The Midday 180 that the turnstile count was in the "high 40s."

I'm very curious what the turnstile count will be on Sunday in the season finale when the Titans host the Texans.

It's a holiday week, and I suspect many people with tickets will be inclined to go simply because it provides an avenue to get out of the house.

But a load of fans in Middle Tennessee are frustrated with an underachieving team that can make a one-game improvement on 2012 with a win and finish 7-9.

Mike Munchak isn't certain to get his fourth year as head coach, and fan anger and apathy will certainly factor in to team president and CEO Tommy Smith's thinking when it comes to Munchak's future.

Many fans are handcuffed with regard to buying tickets -- they'd be sacrificing their investment in PSLs if they didn't keep buying season tickets.

A lot of them swallow those purchases, not using the tickets. A lot of people who stay away say they can't even give those seats away.

I don't know what bearing a terrible turnstile count at the last home game will have. It won't be giant.

But fans are limited in how they can effectively protest. If you're someone who has eaten tickets before and you want to the team to feel a threat of you swallowing the PSL if they don't make things better, you should consider staying home.

It won't be long before your renewal notice will be in your mailbox. They might read you showing up and saying you'll sign up for more of the same.