LP Field gets new food and Wi-Fi


Tennessee Titans CEO and president Tommy Smith pledged to look at every element of the team as he took it over.

He was fortunate that he also inherited an expiring contract with the long-time concessionaires at LP Field.

Per Jim Wyatt at The Tennessean, the team has hired Aramark to replace Centerplate, which has had the contract since the stadium opened.

Concessions at the building were, frankly, brutal. In 15 years I can recall one good review -- yesterday on Twitter, and that person might have just been being a contrarian. I’ve been in the crowd for events where I waited too long for pricey flat beer, a hot dog that looked like someone sat on it and chicken fingers that were primarily breading.

Is Aramark certain to be better? We’ll have to see but it would be hard for the basics people like at a stadium to be worse.

“...I think this is going to be an upgrade,” Smith told Wyatt. “We are looking at the quality of the food, the service, the presentation. I wanted three things — service, quality and price — and we are going to get all three. It will be a reasonable price, where fans know they are getting good value."

Another big development for LP Field is better late than never. Wi-Fi towers are being installed and people in the crowd will actually be able to check on their fantasy teams and post a picture during a game. Every team is working to find ways to make the game-day experience better and to prevent people from deciding that staying home and watching the game on a big TV is better than being at the stadium.

New concessions and Wi-Fi are two big, basic steps from the Titans.