Chat wrap: On Locker, Manziel and more

Thanks to those of you who came to Thursday's chat.

Among the topics we covered:

  • Who'll have more yards in 2014, Kendall Wright or Justin Hunter?

  • The starting running back.

  • The quarterback drafting history of Ken Whisenhunt teams.

  • Old cornerbacks.

  • The chances of a trade up in the first round.

  • What Jake Locker needs to do to be the guy in 2015.

  • Changes of scenery.

  • The idea of sitting Johnny Manziel for a few years.

  • The finale of HIMYM.

If you were there, I know you want to review it. And if you weren't there, I know you'll want to read it. And then review it.

So I am finished holding out. Here's the link.