One measure of Titans' recent drafts

How did the Titans draft from 2009 to 2011?

At Pro Football Focus, Khalid Elsayed runs through the franchise's haul of players and puts them into categories largely based on how they scored in PFF’s grading system.

I think he’s mostly on the mark with the seven guys at the top of the list and he gives weight to where a guy was selected as well as his production.

But the 0.0 guys who fit in the “It Could Have Been Worse” tier get largely generous treatment.

No matter how late they were drafted, it’s hard to say the Titans could have done worse than receiver Dominique Edison (two snaps in his one season), safety Nick Schommer (five snaps), safety Robert Johnson (never effective) or quarterback Rusty Smith (who never challenged for the No. 2 job in four seasons).