Chat wrap: Regret about Hunter trade?

A few samples from Thursday's Titans chat:

Michael from Woodland, CA: Do you see any possibility of the Titans trading up in the draft?

Paul Kuharsky: I don't. They could, but they are already without a third-rounder. Hard to give away more. And don't want to give away something next year.

Blake in Mt. Juliet: Which position group do you see being the most improved next year and why?

Paul Kuharsky: OL or LB. Because of coaching.

Will in Cookeville: Re Hunter: With the stellar WR group this year, and the possibility Hunter would have been available at 40, 6 picks later last year. Do you think Ruston Webster made a mistake? Sure would be nice to have that 3rd round pick

Paul Kuharsky: Maybe. But you want them to be willing to be aggressive. They thought Hunter was a huge get at that point, so they went and got him. He has potential to change games and alter defenses. It's probably early to second-guess.


I invite you to read and reread the entire chat, here.