Chat wrap: Next year, LP Field and schemes

Good chat on Thursday, thanks for coming. Here's a bit of it:

Guy: I think next year will be a better year for qbs. the titans should build the team instead of reaching for one of the qbs this year. agree?

Paul Kuharsky: I don't think they should take a quarterback high. I also don't think they should plan this draft based on what they expect next year's draft to look like. Once upon a time it looked like Locker and Leinart were No. 1 picks. They waited a year and things changed.

Ricky from Downtown Nashville: LP field is 15 years old in 10 years it will be consider "outdated" and in some cases it already is.. when will the talk of a new stadium commence? or at least a full blown renovation? Ill hang up and listen

Paul Kuharsky: There is nothing wrong with LP Field as a place to watch an NFL game. They recently added elevators, put in the giant scoreboards, enhanced the sound system. What will make it outdated?

Chris from Denmark: When Munch entered as HC he wanted to build a tough, physical and smart football team. When Whiz entered as a HC he said he wanted to build a tough, physical and smart football team. So where is the difference in the philosofy?

Del Edit

Paul Kuharsky: It's in schemes, not slogans. Whisenhunt will have a more creative offense with better route combinations and he will run something now to set something up later. Ray Horton is going to run a 3-4 that is less predictable than the long-time 4-3 was.

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