What's the Titans' weakest position group?

The Titans biggest needs are at positions where they are unlikely to spend the 11th pick in the draft on Thursday night.

They certainly are not drafting a running back there.

And while a quarterback choice could come later, or maybe after a trade down, I'm among those predicting it's not happening at No. 11.

Last year, when the team drafted 10th, Chance Warmack was an obvious connection of the dots, from the Titans’ need to rebuild their interior line to the talented guard coming out of Alabama.

There is no such easy line this year.

The Titans have a new coach with a mostly new staff. And the Titans have reasonable numbers and talent at most positions, with nothing screaming for attention but few areas certain to be excellent in 2014, either.

It certainly gives general manager Ruston Webster freedom as he reacts to the opening 10 picks of the draft and tries to give Ken Whisenhunt someone both believe can help.

The pick won’t necessarily address a need. And the pick won’t necessarily tell us the team doesn't feel good about the position the guy plays, though many will quickly come to that conclusion.

I think they could draft a defensive lineman, a linebacker, an offensive tackle, a cornerback, a tight end or even a receiver at the spot.

Which one of those is weakest before the Titans add the class of 2014?