Bostad: Line calls are not too complex

More detailed offensive line calls could make things more complicated for the Titans. But left tackle Michael Roos said in mid-April the complexity could really spell trouble for defenses.

On my Nashville radio show, The Midday 180, we spoke this week with offensive line coach Bob Bostad and asked him about the system for calls.

“The way that I am teaching it is, my whole idea or the whole goal is to not have mistakes,” Bostad said. “To make sure we are all on the same page. That’s really where it starts from. And when you go back and watch film, if you have assignment mistakes out there, that is the deadliest of all killers right there ...

“I don’t feel like there is a lot of verbiage in the way I do it, maybe it is compared to before. I think it’s probably new to them and I think the way things are declared out are a little bit new to them so maybe that feels like more. But I think in time they’ll go right back to feeling like it’s the same except it’s a more solidified way of identifying things.”

I'm curious to see if Bostad's players wind up talking like that as they get comfortable with his system.