Chat wrap: Why NFL has no farm system

Thanks to those of you who came by the Titans chat on Thursday. To those who couldn't make it, I offer a one-time rain check.

Among the topics we covered:

  • My gut feeling about the offensive tackles.

  • Why Jake Locker isn't in a quarterback competition.

  • How other teams will react to Sean Lee's injury.

  • Michael Preston as the team's fourth receiver.

  • My guess on the best undrafted free agent.

  • Would I give up 10 runs in an inning pitching to a MLB team? (Maybe 40.)

  • Why the NFL doesn't have a farm system.

  • Sifting through the linebackers.

  • Impressions of Tommy Smith.

  • All that and more for the low low price of zero dollars.

Just head here.

I mean here.