How the Titans fare in NFL roster ranking

Is Blidi Wreh-Wilson going to win the Titans' No. 2 starting cornerback job and be good?

We don't know.

But I am amazed how many people don't allow for the possibility.

I've written over and over about how few people projected that Alterraun Verner would take over for Cortland Finnegan and be very good in 2012 and how we need to at least allow for the possibility that Wreh-Wilson or Coty Sensabaugh could replace Verner in a similar fashion.

Does every guy working into a starting spot need to be proven?

We realize it can't work that way, right? You draft third-round picks like Wreh-Wilson and fourth-round picks like Sensabaugh anticipating they will evolve into quality starters.

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus goes that direction in his writeup of the Titans in a big piece ranking all 32 NFL rosters.

He's got the Titans 21st, and I don't find that to be an unreasonable spot.

Monson writes: “Alterraun Verner was a high-quality player at cornerback for the Titans and it's asking a lot of Blidi Wreh-Wilson to match that level as an every-down starter, considering he played just 93 snaps a year ago.”

Agreed. It's asking a lot.

But Verner matched or surpassed Finnegan and the Titans have a pretty consistent history of developing and replenishing the cornerback spot. Can we please at least allow for the possibility they succeed at it again?

By the way, I think Monson rates quarterback Locker too high (average starter) and center Brian Schwenke too low (below-average starter).

Monson ranks 12 players on each side, including a third wide receiver and a nickel corner.

The Titans have 12 starters (50 percent) ranked as average or worse compared to 10 (41.7 percent) who rank above average.

The Titans are one of 14 teams and the only team in the AFC South that doesn't have at least one player ranked as a poor starter.