Big changes matter, but so do small ones

Big changes always arrive with a new coaching staff.

Those big, often thematic, changes aren’t always jarring. Players from an unsuccessful team crave new stuff, especially from a credible new coach like Ken Whisenhunt.

It can be the trickle down, smaller stuff that is striking.

Michael Roos has sat in the same spot in the offensive line meeting room for years. But this offseason, according to John Glennon of The Tennessean, he arrived to find new line coach Bob Bostad had a seating chart that moved him.

And the offensive linemen don’t have scheduled water breaks during their time working alone as a group. Bostad expects as they rotate in and out, they’ll hydrate when they need to.

Neither is an alarming change.

They are symbolic, however, of how things are different on micro, as well as macro, levels.

When players report on July 25 and take the field on July 26, there will be more differences. Cumulatively, for a stalled franchise, that will be good thing.