Best game ever: Marc Mariani

Continuing our series on the best games that members of the Titans have ever played…

Marc Mariani, receiver and returner

Nov. 28, 2009

Montana 61, South Dakota State 48

First round of the Football Championship Subdivision playoffs in Missoula, Montana

Mariani: 12 catches for 171 yards and two touchdowns, 98-yard kickoff return touchdown.

“It was my senior year at Montana against South Dakota State and we were down 48-21. At that point my senior year, I wasn’t returning kicks anymore; I was just playing receiver. It was the first round of the playoffs. I returned a kick for a touchdown at the end of the third quarter and scored a couple more touchdowns in the fourth quarter and we came storming back and won, 61-48, I think it was. And that South Dakota State team ended up having some drafted guys on it and I think some guys who stuck in the NFL. That was one that comes to mind of the top of my head. It was a good day. My senior year, I couldn’t go out like that, But we ended up losing in the national championship. I’ve got a lot of silver lying around. We never won the big one.”

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