Best game ever: Bishop Sankey

Continuing our series on the best games members of the Titans have ever played…

Bishop Sankey, running back

Oct. 21, 2010

Gonzaga Prep 35, Mead 21

Albi Stadium, Spokane, Wash.

Sankey: 359 yards, five touchdowns, set new Greater Spokane League career rushing record

"The best game personally I’ve played was probably the Cal game last year. I was running the ball really well throughout the first half, I think I had 140 in the first half and I think I finished with about 240. Two touchdowns. High school, probably the best game I had was 360 against Mead, I broke the little city rushing record in that game and scored about five touchdowns. I’d probably have to go with the high school one, at Gonzaga Prep. Mead was a pretty big rival in Spokane, Washington. It was just a big game. If they beat us we would have been knocked down lower and possibly not gone to the playoffs. But if we beat them we automatically had a playoff bid. It was at a big stadium there called Albi Stadium. I remember it was down to the wire. I remember the last drive, it was a make-or-break one for us. I remember getting the ball, it was like fourth-and-2 and I broke for about 80 yards and with that gain I ended up getting the city rushing record. It’s just great memories, thinking about high school football.”

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