Titans QBs fulfill The Pollard Prophecy


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Monday's camp report detailed a horrific day of offensive practice.

How it unfolded warranted a separate post.

Each of the Tennessee Titans quarterbacks threw an interception, fulfilling what I like to call "The Pollard Prophecy." Safety Bernard Pollard frequently announces during the team's stretch that all the quarterbacks will be picked off.

There were at least three fumbles.

There were at least three bad snaps.

There were at least five drops.

Several members of the offense partially credited the defense for flying around. The defense did want to respond to playing so poorly on the opening drive of the Saturday night preseason opener versus the Packers. But I felt the offensive performance was far more self-inflicted.

"It was, it was," Pollard said. "But at the same time we dominated them too."

"We made a bunch of mental errors," fullback Jackie Battle said. "We just have to focus more on the small stuff. Don't get me wrong, the defense was flying around, I think they had one of their better days of training camp so far. It was just an all-around bad day for the offense."

The most recent example of something being very good or very bad often gets given too much weight. I am conscious of that even as I call it one of the worst offensive practices I can remember out of the Titans.

"I wouldn't say one of the worst, there's been way worse," said left tackle Michael Roos, the longest tenured player on the team who's heading into his 10th season with the Titans. "It was one of those bad days where things start off a little slow and then it snowballs."

The offense may have been dealing with tired legs left over from Friday night and the warm conditions. Those things contributed, certainly.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt is looking for a big bounce back and players are reflecting their coach's thinking.

"This is part of the process," Battle said. "Every day is not going to go perfect. This gives us an opportunity to see what we are made of, an opportunity to come back and bounce back tomorrow."

Tuesday is the last of the Titans' eight open training camp practices in Nashville.

But there isn't an official date for wrapping camp, as Whisenhunt isn't obligated to end it any time soon and can hold more padded practices if he keeps it going.

How the team practices the rest of the week and plays in New Orleans Friday can have a bearing on when the schedule changes and players can check out of the team hotel.