Tennessee Titans: Snap report

A weekly look at the Tennessee Titans snap counts from Sunday's game:

Offense, 67 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 67
C Brian Schwenke, 67
RG Chance Warmack, 67
RT Byron Stingily, 67
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 67

LG Andy Levitre, 61
WR Nate Washington, 56
RB Chris Johnson, 49
WR Kendall Wright, 49
TE Craig Stevens, 44
TE Delanie Walker, 41
WR Damian Williams, 36
WR Justin Hunter, 17
FB Quinn Johnson, 13
RB Shonn Greene, 12
TE Taylor Thompson, 9
RB Jackie Battle, 9
LG Chris Spencer, 6

Levitre didn’t finish because of a knee issue he said he didn’t think was serious. He’s dealt with a hip issue this year that didn’t keep him from practicing or playing, but clearly affected his play. That was a good workload for Williams, a player I think the Titans should try to retain.

Defense, 59 snaps

FS Michael Griffin, 59
CB Jason McCourty, 59
SS Bernard Pollard, 59
LB Moise Fokou, 59

CB Alterraun Verner, 58
DE Derrick Morgan, 48
LB Zach Brown, 47
LB Akeem Ayers, 35
DT Sammie Hill, 32
CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, 31
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 31
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 31
DT Antonio Johnson, 30
DT Mike Martin, 30
DE Karl Klug, 20
FS George Wilson, 12
Lavar Edwards, 8

With Jurrell Casey out, all the interior linemen saw their numbers boosted. Hill was a bit more noticeable though he was hardly the run-defense force they advertised him as when they brought him in. Zaviar Gooden, who was in the mix with the linebackers not long ago, saw 18 snaps of special teams and zero on defense.

Snap report: Down game for Akeem Ayers

December, 24, 2013
A weekly look at the Titans' snap counts from Sunday’s game:

Offense, 73 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 73
LG Andy Levitre, 73
C Brian Schwenke, 73
RG Chance Warmack, 73
RT Byron Stingily, 73
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 73

WR Nate Washington, 53
WR Kendall Wright, 47
TE Delanie Walker, 51
TE Craig Stevens, 43
RB Chris Johnson, 39
WR Justin Hunter, 37
RB Shonn Greene, 27
FB Quinn Johnson, 23
TE Taylor Thompson, 19
WR Damian Williams, 12
RB Jackie Battle, 7
WR Michael Preston, 7

That’s a good workload for Stevens, who was very involved in the success of the run game. Coordinator Dowell Loggains worked in a nice mix of receivers and running backs, with a good distribution of snaps for the guys at those positions -- outside of the use of Jackie Battle as a receiver split wide, which I now bemoan for a third time in this space.

Defense, 58 snaps

FS Michael Griffin, 58
CB Jason McCourty, 58
SS Bernard Pollard, 58

CB Alterraun Verner, 54
DE Derrick Morgan, 51
LB Moise Fokou, 51
DT Jurrell Casey, 49
CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, 34
LB Zach Brown, 33
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 32
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 31
LB Colin McCarthy, 29
DT Sammie Hill, 28
DE Karl Klug, 21
LB Akeem Ayers, 20
FS George Wilson, 12
DT Antonio Johnson, 10
DT Mike Martin, 9

Morgan got a heavy workload and had five tackles, a sack and two additional quarterback hits. Ayers was minimized in this game as the Titans continue to shuffle linebackers, making the case they don’t have three good ones. A week after he played 43 of a possible 68 snaps, rookie linebacker Zaviar Gooden was inactive to make room for an extra receiver. That receiver, Michael Preston, played seven snaps on offense and five on special teams.
A weekly look at the Titans snap counts from Sunday’s game:

Offense, 86 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 86
LG Andy Levitre, 86
C Brian Schwenke, 86
RG Chance Warmack, 86
RT David Stewart, 86
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 86

WR Kendall Wright, 81
TE Delanie Walker, 77
WR Nate Washington, 69
WR Kenny Britt, 62
RB Chris Johnson, 59
WR Michael Preston, 27
TE Craig Stevens, 19
RB Jackie Battle, 14
RB Shonn Greene, 12
FB Quinn Johnson, 7
TE Taylor Thompson, 3

That trade up to get Thompson in the fifth round looks better and better, doesn’t it? They’d probably put most of that on Chris Palmer, the coordinator at the time the Titans drafted the tight end. Wright was targeted on nearly 25 percent of the plays for which he was on the field.

Defense, 68 snaps

SS Bernard Pollard, 68
FS Michael Griffin, 68
LB Moise Fokou, 68

CB Jason McCourty, 66
CB Alterraun Verner, 64
DE Derrick Morgan, 64
DT Jurrell Casey, 63
LB Zaviar Gooden, 43
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 43
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 34
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 34
DT Sammie Hill, 30
LB Akeem Ayers, 26
CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, 21
DE Karl Klug, 21
FS George Wilson, 14
DT Antonio Johnson, 11
LB Zach Brown, 6
DE Lavar Edwards, 4

Brown got benched early, replaced by Gooden. Mike Munchak said Monday there were high expectations for Brown and he’s not played well in the last few weeks. Wreh-Wilson and Wilson were part of a seven-defensive back package that featured three down linemen and one linebacker. They played that about 20 percent of the time.

Snap report: Pollard deserves day off

December, 9, 2013
Our weekly look at the Tennessee Titans snap count from Sunday's game with some thoughts on what they mean:

Offense, 50 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 50
LG Andy Levitre, 50
C Brian Schwenke, 50
RG Chance Warmack, 50
RT David Stewart, 50
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 50

WR Nate Washington, 39
WR Justin Hunter, 38
WR Kendall Wright, 38
RB Chris Johnson, 30
TE Taylor Thompson, 29
TE Visanthe Shiancoe, 26
RB Shonn Greene, 16
FB Quinn Johnson, 12
TE Craig Stevens, 11
WR Michael Preston, 9
OT Mike Otto, 2

With tight end Delanie Walker out, Stevens figured to get more than 11 snaps. He was coming off a concussion and perhaps he was limited because of that. The Titans would have been far better off with Walker and Stevens playing their regular share. Greene did some of his best work but the Titans weren’t able to find a way to stick with him.

Defense, 95 snaps

SS Bernard Pollard, 95
CB Alterraun Verner, 93
CB Jason McCourty, 93
FS Michael Griffin, 90
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 77
DT Sammie Hill, 70
DE Derrick Morgan, 69
DT Jurrell Casey, 68
LB Moise Fokou, 65
FS George Wilson, 44
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 40
LB Zach Brown, 38
LB Akeem Ayers, 33
LB Zaviar Gooden, 31
LB Colin McCarthy, 30
DT Antonio Johnson, 30
DE Karl Klug, 27
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 26
DT Mike Martin, 21
S Daimion Stafford, 5

Pollard deserves Wednesday off. That is an exhausting day in the freezing cold. The defense played nearly as many snaps as the Pittsburgh and San Diego games combined (106). Sensabaugh's count is a huge number for a guy who’s not an every-down presence. We've already hit on the work distribution of the linebackers. That’s a huge workload for the massive Hill. The problem is, he should key the run-stopping efforts and the Broncos averaged 4.8 yards a carry and had runs of 25, 20 and 15 yards.

Titans snap report: Week 13

December, 2, 2013
A weekly look at the Titans snap counts from Sunday’s game:

Offense, 75 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 75
LG Andy Levitre, 75
C Brian Schwenke, 75
RG Chance Warmack, 75
RT David Stewart, 75
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 75
WR Nate Washington, 75
TE Taylor Thompson, 72
WR Kendall Wright, 71
RB Chris Johnson, 53
WR Justin Hunter, 50
RB Shonn Greene, 22
OT Mike Otto, 17
TE Delanie Walker, 11
FB Collin Mooney, 3
WR Kenny Britt, 1

Thompson was going to be more prominent with Craig Stevens out, then Walker suffered a first-quarter concussion and Thompson was the team’s lone option at tight end. It’s good that Justin Hunter is getting the time he is, but he wasn’t able to build on the big production last week in Oakland with one 9-yard catch.

Defense, 65 snaps

SS Bernard Pollard, 65
FS George Wilson, 64
LB Zach Brown, 64
CB Jason McCourty, 63
LB Moise Fokou, 61
CB Alterraun Verner, 58
DT Jurrell Casey, 55
LB Akeem Ayers, 54
DE Derrick Morgan, 53
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 39
DE Karl Klug, 35
DT Sammie Hill, 30
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 28
DT Antonio Johnson, 20
DE Lavar Edwards, 13
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 5
LB Colin McCarthy, 4
SS Damion Stafford, 2
CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, 1

The involvement of Stafford and Wreh-Wilson came early and suggested the Titans would be mixing things up in the secondary. But nothing came of it. Wimbley hardly saw the field but managed a sack in those five snaps. Casey played 85 percent of the snaps and was consistently disruptive.
A weekly look at the Titans snap counts from Sunday's game:

Offense, 79 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 79
LG Andy Levitre, 79
C Brian Schwenke, 79
RG Chance Warmack, 79
RT David Stewart, 79
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 79

WR Nate Washington, 72
WR Kendall Wright, 71
TE Delanie Walker, 70
RB Chris Johnson, 60
TE Taylor Thompson, 40
WR Justin Hunter, 39
RB Shonn Greene, 18
FB Collin Mooney, 13
TE Craig Stevens, 7
WR Kenny Britt, 5

Britt was targeted twice in five snaps, far too high a percentage. Could Hunter start to cut into even Nate Washington’s snaps in base? Thompson played a lot and got good reviews after Stevens went down with what appeared a concussion and didn’t return.

Defense, 57 snaps

CB Jason McCourty, 57
FS Michael Griffin, 57

LB Akeem Ayers, 55
CB Alterraun Verner, 55
DT Jurrell Casey, 55
SS Bernard Pollard, 54
DE Derrick Morgan, 53
LB Zach Brown, 48
LB Moise Fokou, 47
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 40
DT Sammie Hill, 29
DT Antonio Johnson, 17
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 16
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 16
DE Karl Klug, 10
FS George Wilson, 9
DE Lavar Edwards, 5
CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, 2
LB Patrick Bailey, 2

With Fokou back from his knee injury, Colin McCarthy got only 10 special teams snaps. Ayers was the every down linebacker, a role I think is too much if he’s not taking any snaps at end, an experiment that feels over. The Titans stayed big a lot against the Raiders.
A weekly look at the Tennessee Titans' snap counts from the most recent game:

Offense, 56 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 56
LG Andy Levitre, 56
C Chris Spencer, 56
RG Chance Warmack, 56
RT David Stewart, 56
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 56

WR Kendall Wright, 54
WR Nate Washington, 54
TE Delanie Walker, 53
RB Chris Johnson, 45
TE Craig Stevens, 31
WR Justin Hunter, 16
WR Kenny Britt, 13
RB Shonn Greene, 9
TE Taylor Thompson, 4
FB Collin Mooney, 1

I think we would have seen more of Hunter had he not needed to be evaluated for a concussion after a bad landing. There might have been more second-half opportunity for Greene after the Colts seemed to get a handle on Johnson running outside.

Defense, 71 snaps

CB Jason McCourty, 71
SS Bernard Pollard, 71
LB Akeem Ayers, 71
FS Michael Griffin, 71

LB Colin McCarthy, 70
CB Alterraun Verner, 67
DT Jurrell Casey, 64
DE Derrick Morgan, 64
LB Zach Brown, 46
DT Sammie Hill, 40
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 38
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 33
DE Karl Klug, 27
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 27
DT Mike Martin, 12
DT Antonio Johnson, 8
FS George Wilson, 1

Sensabaugh’s number tells us the Titans played nickel 38 percent of the time, far less than usual. Wilson was uninvolved in the defensive effort, and he’s been a key to the Titans’ improved defense.

Titans snap report: Week 10

November, 11, 2013
A weekly look at the Titans snap counts from Sunday’s game:

Offense, 73 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 73
LG Andy Levitre, 73
RG Chance Warmack, 73
RT Mike Otto, 73
WR Nate Washington, 61
WR Kendall Wright, 59
WR Chris Spencer, 58
TE Delanie Walker, 56
RB Chris Johnson, 55
WR Justin Hunter, 54
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 50
TE Craig Stevens, 32
QB Jake Locker, 23
RB Shonn Greene, 18
C Brian Schwenke, 15
FB Collin Mooney, 13
WR Kenny Britt, 9
TE Taylor Thompson, 7
WR Damian Williams, 1

Spencer didn’t provide the same charge that Schwenke was providing, but he left the game with an ankle injury. Good to see so much of Justin Hunter, who probably got a bit more than planned once Williams was hurt on a punt return and couldn’t return. Wright is reaching a point where he should leave the field unless he needs a rest.

Defense, 60 snaps

CB Jason McCourty, 60
LB Akeem Ayers, 60
SS Bernard Pollard, 60
LB Colin McCarthy, 59
CB Alterraun Verner, 58
DE Derrick Morgan, 58
DT Jurrell Casey, 57
FS Michael Griffin, 57
LB Zach Brown, 38
DT Sammie Hill, 35
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 34
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 26
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 19
DE Karl Klug, 15
DT Mike Martin, 11
DT Antonio Johnson, 9
FS George Wilson, 15
CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, 1

Casey continues to be the most impactful guy in the front, Griffin would have played the whole game if he didn’t have to go in for concussion protocol, which told the team he was fine to return. If Moise Fokou (knee) is back after missing three games, it will be interesting to see what happens with Ayers’ snaps and if the Titans go back to playing him some at end.

Titans snap report: Week 7

October, 21, 2013
A weekly look at the Tennessee Titans' snap counts from Sunday’s game:

Offense, 59 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 59
LG Andy Levitre, 59
C Rob Turner, 59
RG Chance Warmack, 59
RT David Stewart, 59
QB Jake Locker, 59
TE Delanie Walker, 55
RB Chris Johnson, 51
WR Nate Washington, 50
WR Kendall Wright, 49
WR Damian Williams, 37
WR Kenny Britt, 19
TE Craig Stevens, 11
WR Justin Hunter, 10
RB Jackie Battle, 3
WR Darius Reynaud, 3
TE Taylor Thompson, 2
RB Shonn Greene, 2

Fullback Collin Mooney didn’t play an offensive snap. Remarkably, Reynaud was targeted twice in three plays and Battle once. Why are the Titans targeting non-threatening weapons? I like the extensive use of Walker, but he was critical of himself for two missed blocks and a penalty.

Defense, 65 snaps

LB Colin McCarthy, 65
CB Jason McCourty, 61
SS Bernard Pollard, 61
LB Akeem Ayers, 60
DT Jurrell Casey, 59
LB Zach Brown, 59
DT Antonio Johnson, 48
CB Alterraun Verner, 47
FS Michael Griffin, 45
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 41
DT Sammie Hill, 29
FS George Wilson, 27
DE Karl Klug, 25
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 12
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 12
DT Mike Martin, 8
S Daimion Stafford, 2

The Titans matched the Niners' big packages with big personnel, which means big snap totals for Ayers, Casey and Johnson, and reduced the work for Klug. Defensive end Derrick Morgan was out which meant more work for Edwards, but it didn’t really impact Wimbley.

Titans snap report: Week 6

October, 14, 2013
A weekly look at the Titans snap counts from Sunday’s game:

Offense, 52 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 52
LG Andy Levitre, 52
C Rob Turner, 52
RG Chance Warmack, 52
RT David Stewart, 52
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 52
RB Chris Johnson, 50
TE Delanie Walker, 42
WR Nate Washington, 40
WR Kendall Wright, 40
WR Damian Williams, 35
TE Craig Stevens, 20
TE Taylor Thompson, 15
WR Michael Preston, 7
WR Justin Hunter, 6
WR Kenny Britt, 2
RB Darius Reynaud, 1
RB Jackie Battle, 1
FB Collin Mooney, 1

Johnson got a ton of work with Shonn Greene out and Battle quickly hurt. One of Johnson’s two misses snaps, unfortunately, was Darius Reynaud’s offensive snap with was a no gain carry on a big third-and-1.

Defense, 68 snaps

CB Jason McCourty, 68
SS Bernard Pollard, 68
Michael Griffin, 67
CB Alterraun Verner, 64
LB Zach Brown, 62
DT Jurrell Casey, 53
LB Moise Fokou, 47
LB Akeem Ayers, 45
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 42
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 41
DT Antonio Johnson, 39
DE Lavar Edwards, 36
DE Derrick Morgan, 24
DT Mike Martin, 23
LB Colin McCarthy, 22
DE Karl Klug, 20
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 17
S George Wilson, 6
DT Sammie Hill, 4

The defensive line rotations and snap distribution was interesting. Edwards, the rookie end, played a lot -- and hurt the team badly with a late offsides penalty that gave the Seahawks a first down. The Titans played a lot of nickel but a lot less dime than in recent weeks, thus Wilson’s low number.

Titans snap report: Week 4

September, 30, 2013
A look at who played how much for the Titans in the big win over the Jets on Sunday:

Offense, 67 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 67
LG Andy Levitre, 67
C Rob Turner, 67
RG Chance Warmack, 67
RT David Stewart T, 67
WR Nate Washington, 56
WR Kendall Wright, 50
TE Delanie Walker, 46
RB Chris Johnson, 45
QB Jake Locker, 44
TE Craig Stevens, 40
WR Damian Williams, 31
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, 23
RB Jackie Battle, 22
FB Collin Mooney, 21
WR Justin Hunter, 14
TE Taylor Thompson, 8
WR Michael Preston, 2

The absence of Kenny Britt (rib injury) led to more work for Wright and Williams. Battle got nearly a third of the running back snaps as Johnson simply wasn’t a good matchup against the Jets stout front.

Defense, 65 snaps

FS Michael Griffin, 65
SS Bernard Pollard, 65
CB Jason McCourty, 65
MLB Moise Fokou, 65
CB Alterraun Verner, 58
LB Zach Brown, 52
DE Derrick Morgan, 50
DT Jurrell Casey, 47
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 45
LB Akeem Ayers, 44
DT Mike Martin, 28
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 25
SS George Wilson, 22
DT Antonio Johnson, 22
DE Karl Klug, 22
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 22
DE Keyunta Dawson, 12
CB Tommie Campbell, 6

The Titans continue to do a nice job mixing up the defensive line and keeping people pretty fresh. I’m surprised Fokou is the linebacker who is playing the most when Brown is so effective.

Titans snap report: Week 3

September, 23, 2013
A look at the snap report from the NFL showing how much each member of the Tennessee Titans played in the win over the San Diego Chargers at LP Field.

Offense, 69 snaps

LT Michael Roos, 69
LG Andy Levitre, 69
C Rob Turner, 69
RG Chance Warmack, 69
RT David Stewart, 69
QB Jake Locker, 69
RB Chris Johnson, 62
WR Nate Washington, 59
TE Delanie Walker, 54
WR Kendall Wright, 45
WR Kenny Britt, 38
WR Damian Williams, 25
TE Craig Stevens, 23
WR Justin Hunter, 10
FB Collin Mooney, 9
TE Taylor Thompson, 8
RB Jackie Battle, 8
WR Michael Preston, 4

It’s good to see a higher number for Wright as the Titans went three-wide more often. We see that as well in lower numbers for second tight end Stevens and near invisibility for third tight end Thompson.

Defense, 59 snaps

CB Jason McCourty, 59
SS Bernard Pollard, 59
CB Alterraun Verner, 57
DT Jurrell Casey, 57
FS Michael Griffin, 56
LB Moise Fokou, 51
DE Derrick Morgan, 50
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 41
DT Antonio Johnson, 37
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 36
S George Wilson, 35
LB Akeem Ayers, 34
LB Zach Brown, 32
DT Mike Martin, 13
DE Keyunta Dawson, 9
DE Karl Klug, 9
LB Colin McCarthy, 7
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 6

McCarthy got his first defensive snaps of the season and was active while Fokou was hurt. Wimbley is making a base salary of $4 million this year and got $13.5 million guaranteed as part of his five year deal signed in 2012. He’s a nickel rush rotation guy and the Titans didn’t use their nickel rush package much in this game. Brown is too good to only play 54 percent of the snaps. They got trapped with him on the sideline during one series when the Chargers were working especially fast.
A look at the snap report from the NFL on how much each member of the Tennessee Titans played in the overtime loss to the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium.

Offense, 70 total snaps

LT Michael Roos, 70
LG Andy Levitre, 70
C Robert Turner, 70
RG Chance Warmack, 70
RT David Stewart, 70
QB Jake Locker, 70

WR Kenny Britt, 60
TE Delanie Walker, 59
WR Nate Washington, 58
RB Chris Johnson, 57
TE Craig Stevens, 34
WR Kendall Wright, 32
FB Collin Mooney, 20
RB Jackie Battle, 13
WR Justin Hunter, 8
TE Taylor Thompson, 5
WR Michael Preston, 4

Hunter wasn’t targeted when he was in the game, working in Britt’s role. Thompson was a non-entity after playing 25 snaps a week ago when the Titans relied far more on a three-tight end set. The Titans talk of having three starting receivers. I hope they play Wright more and throw to him on a wider variety of routes.

Defense, 82 total snaps

CB Jason McCourty, 82
LB Moise Fokou, 82
FS Michael Griffin, 82

CB Alterraun Verner, 80
SS Bernard Pollard, 80
DT Jurrell Casey, 72
LB Zach Brown, 71
DE Derrick Morgan, 71
LB-DE Akeem Ayers, 52
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 48
S George Wilson, 40
DT Antonio Johnson, 40
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 34
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 24
DT Mike Martin, 22
DT Sammie Lee Hill, 12
DL Karl Klug, 9
LB Patrick Bailey, 1

Still not as much Ayers as we can probably expect, as his ankle is likely still an issue on some level. Wilson covered the tight end, though it didn’t seem like the plan at first. Johnson got more work because Hill got hurt.
A look at the snap report from the NFL for the Titans in their win over Pittsburgh.

Offense, 67 total snaps
LT Michael Roos, 67
LG Andy Levitre, 67
C Rob Turner, 67
RG Chance Warmack, 67
RT David Stewart, 67
QB Jake Locker, 67

TE Delanie Walker, 51
TE Craig Stevens, 49
RB Chris Johnson, 43
WR Kenny Britt, 43
WR Nate Washington, 38
WR Damian Williams, 27
TE Taylor Thompson, 25
RB Jackie Battle, 19
WR Kendall Wright, 19
FB Collin Mooney, 17
RB Shonn Greene, 4

Greene got hurt early or would likely have had most of Battle’s snaps. The team said Wright’s preseason knee injury wasn’t going to be an issue, but he should get more than that if he’s fine -- especially when Britt is ineffective.

Defense, 53 total snaps
CB Jason McCourty, 53
LB Moise Fokou, 53
LB Zach Brown, 53
FS Michael Griffin, 53

CB Alterraun Verner, 52
SS Bernard Pollard. 51
DE Derrick Morgan, 49
DT Jurrell Casey, 45
CB Coty Sensabaugh, 36
LB-DE Akeem Ayers, 29
DE Kamerion Wimbley, 27
DL Karl Klug, 23
DE Ropati Pitoitua, 19
DT Mike Martin, 17
DT Sammie Hill, 17
S George Wilson, 3
DT Antonio Johnson, 3

The Titans are supposed to be reducing Morgan’s snaps, but Ayers is coming off an ankle injury and they were clearly measuring his work. He wasn’t very effective. Pitoitua showed well. Hill was a big free-agent addition. He had an elbow injury in the preseason and I would expect more action from him.

Four Titans played 18 special-teams snaps: Patrick Bailey, Tommie Campbell, Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Daimion Stafford.

Backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was the only active player who didn't take the field.