Revealing map of North America's NBA fans


Twitter has produced an interactive map of NBA fandom based on the locations of people following official team accounts. The results give some insight into the predilections of NBA fans who use social media, if not fans in general. Here’s a rundown of interesting facts in the info.

1. Los Angeles is not Lob City

Check out Los Angeles County, home of your Clippers of Los Angeles. Actually, "your" might be stretching it because so few claim this team on Twitter. The Clips have a meager 6.79 percent following to the Lakers' 50.32 percent. In their own backyard, the Clippers have about as much traction as they have in certain Canadian regions (They’re at 5.35 percent in Queens, New Brunswick). Put another way, the Lakers are far more Twitter popular in Quebec (17.71 percent in Montreal!) than the Clippers are in Los Angeles.

2. Nobody cares where you played in college

The NBA likes its rookies to spend time playing college ball under the logic that it boosts league branding.

Perhaps this is so, but we don't see college affiliation mattering much in these numbers. This is true for a few players, but Stephen Curry is a good example. Back in 2007 and 2008, he gained renown for elevating a plucky Davidson team. Despite that history and despite Curry leading all West players in All-Star votes, the Warriors register only 1.66 percent fandom in Davidson's home county of Mecklenburg, North Carolina.

3. The Great Purple North

Yes, the Raptors are the most popular team in Canada. The Lakers aren't far behind, though, claiming a fan majority in British Columbia and various counties scattered across the vast nation. Canada has yet to purge the Laker menace.

4. The Thunder Run Wade Hampton County, Alaska

Thunder fandom is largely confined to Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, but they do have a far-flung outpost. OKC is the favorite team (10.56 percent) of Wade Hampton County, Alaska. Sure it has only 8,000 people, but still, way to spread the word.

5. The Hawks don't fly at home

Hopefully, this recent Hawks on-court success can woo some fans. In Fulton County, where the Hawks hail from, we see slightly more Lakers followers (15.52 percent) than Hawks followers (15.42 percent). You'd think having an entire state to yourself would give you a hold on a local audience. Not so much -- yet.