Dwyane Wade says end not in sight during Q&A with fans

What convinced Dwyane Wade to stay in Miami?

Chris Broussard details how Dwyane Wade and the Heat were able to come to terms on a one-year contract.

Dwyane Wade, answering questions in an impromptu Twitter Q&A on Monday, said that he'll retire when he "can no longer play" and that last season proved he's still an impact player.

He covered a variety of topics in the Q&A and replied with a succinct "yes" when asked whether he should be considered the best player to have played for the Miami Heat.

Wade, who last week agreed to a one-year deal to return to Miami next season, said averaging 21.5 points per game at age 33 last season shows he still belongs.

He had a quick comeback when he was asked whether he missed being carried by LeBron James.

Wade also replied to a statement from a fan that his short-term deal was an example of the superstar betting on himself by saying he's been doing so for his entire career.

Much has been made of Wade's sacrificing for the Heat in past contracts. In an interview with The Associated Press, Wade said one of the reasons he opted not to accept a three-year deal this summer was to ensure Miami would keep its financial flexibility going forward. 

The future of the Cavaliers T-shirt worn by Wade's father that caused an uproar on social media last month even was addressed:

Asked a hypothetical question by a fan whether he would ever want to play with Kobe Bryant, Wade defended the Lakers superstar against the rap that no one wants to play with him.

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