Report: Bosh plans to return better than before


By Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post:

He is the highest-paid player in the NBA, a sophisticated weapon at both ends of the court, and Pat Riley considers him the best proven big man in the game.

So forget about the blood clots that cost Chris Bosh half his season. Set the expectations as high as possible — because he does. Squash the modest goal of him coming back next year as merely the same player he was before.

“Man, waaaay better,” Bosh roared. “Come on. Waaaaaay better. Way better.”

His public personality is as mild as any star in sports, but this comeback has him animated. He still has to hit a few benchmarks before he can resume basketball activities — he is targeting next month — and remains on blood thinners, but he has started lifting and exercising. And he has begun dreaming about how good the Heat might be when he returns for training camp.