Riley has earned trust in Miami


By Greg Cote of The Miami Herald:

Pat Riley is an NBA lifer in his 46th year in the league, and planning for his 21st season in Miami. He may be a newly minted septuagenarian, but he is convinced he has another championship ring – at least one more – in his future.

Do you doubt him?

We don’t trust Jeffrey Loria owning the Marlins. We have doubts about Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. We see Panthers hockey forever trying our patience. We feel eroding confidence in Canes football coach Al Golden. There isn’t a lot at the top of our sports marquee that has earned our unequivocal trust. But Riley has.

By his tenure and titles, by his track record, the wily Silver Fox has earned every confidence that the injury-marred, playoff-less season just past was a blip, an outlier. In the triumvirate of Riley, owner Micky Arison and coach Erik Spoelstra, the Heat continues to be the unrivaled model for Miami sports.