LeBron's off-the-charts start in a chart

I have a morning routine of scanning through various statistical leaderboards to stay on top of the trends across the league.

One thing struck me this morning:

The separation between LeBron James' production and the rest of the NBA.

LeBron ranks first in player efficiency rating (PER) and is head-and-shoulders above the competition, or at least those who have played more than five games (excludes Manu Ginobili).

In fact, the difference between LeBron James (33.5 PER) and second-place Kevin Durant (26.5 PER) is the roughly the same difference between Durant and Sundiata Gaines (19.4, 52nd place).

Sundiata Gaines!

To illustrate the separation, I offer you the following chart, which displays PER against minutes per game and colors the players by their age (older the bolder).

PER Illustrated Powered by Tableau

Yeah, I'd say LeBron is off to a pretty good start. (Sincere apologies to Brian Cardinal and Jamaal Magloire).