LeBron and Amare: What if?

NEW YORK -- LeBron James and Amare Stoudemire have almost played with each other several times over the past year and it has led to plenty of speculation as to what could’ve been if they ever had.

The Knicks wanted James to play with Stoudemire in New York. The Heat talked to Stoudemire before they signed Chris Bosh and, eventually, James.

But what James has spent time thinking about is what would’ve happened if he became teammates with Stoudemire before they were free agents. Last winter, the Cavs had extensive talks with the Phoenix Suns about Stoudemire coming to Cleveland.

"It would’ve been great to have him in Cleveland, of course," James said. "Things didn’t work out."

As James said, eventually the two teams didn’t work out a deal. There have been various reasons floated by both sides, which now have new general managers, as to why.

The Cavs wanted to keep J.J. Hickson. The Suns weren’t sure they should give up on re-signing Stoudemire. There were internal debates within both front offices that were never totally resolved

Instead the Cavs traded for Antawn Jamison and the Suns kept Stoudemire, who had a huge second half and led the team on a playoff run.

But had that Phoenix-Cleveland trade happened, would both still be with the Cavs? James has pondered it.

“I’m not sure [if it would’ve changed my decision to leave in free agency]," James said. "Would’ve have bettered our chances of winning? I think so, he’s one of the best players we have in the league. Right now he’s the MVP of this league. I’m not sure, I can’t go back and say if it would’ve helped my chances of staying.”