Thursday Hotness

  • LeBron James and Dwyane Wade each played a short stint -- a little more than four minutes -- as the only one of the Big 3 on the floor. The Heat finished minus-6 during James' shift at the end of the first quarter and the start of the second quarter. While Wade was on the court without James and Bosh to begin the fourth quarter, the Heat surrendered seven points off their sizable lead. Of course, this is small sample size theatre as we try to glean what this team's rotations are going to look like six months from now.

  • James has racked up 17 turnovers during his first two games. John Hollinger offers this prescription: "If James can move the ball more quickly, it may solve some other problems as well. Maybe he makes fewer turnovers plowing through crowds, and maybe the lack of shooters is less problematic if there's more motion and more of Bosh pulling big men away from the rim."

  • Doug Collins believes that James will evolve into the Heat's de facto point guard: “I think what you saw [Tuesday] night and eventually the evolution of the Miami Heat’s going to be is that LeBron James is going to end up being the point guard. Really, I’ve always said, he’s more like Magic Johnson in terms of wanting to distribute the ball and do those kind of things than he ever was in terms of Michael [Jordan], about throwing up huge nights.”

  • Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel watched James closely and noticed this: "For someone who says his right elbow, the one in the sleeve, is fine, LeBron James sure spends a lot of time flexing it, including early in Wednesday’s game."

  • There's a difference between cohabitation and cooperation, writes Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: "So far, James and Wade aren’t playing together, as much as they’re taking turns. I go. You go. That’s natural. For them, this is still the preseason. This is still a test run. James had 31 points on Tuesday in the loss to the Boston Celtics, and Wade had 30 points on Wednesday in a 97-87 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. Wade doesn’t want this to become James’ team, and James doesn’t want to give away too much that’ll cost him a third straight MVP trophy. There’s a push and pull above and below the surface, until the time they can find a comfortable balance. That’s human nature. That’s basketball."

  • Erik Spoelstra is preaching aggressiveness as the key to unlocking the offense.

  • Cavs fans take a victory lap after their team's win over Boston on Wednesday night. The "Comment of the Day" from the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "[T]his time we didn't have the traitor on our team. It seems apparent now that LeBron's presence on this team kept the talents of the rest of the guys locked up. Now that he's gone, we can see just how good the rest of these guys really are."

  • The Heat-Celtics opener drew a double-digit rating in Cleveland: "The 10.6 tops the average rating for Cavalier games on TNT, ESPN, ABC and FS Ohio last season (10.5*)."