D-Wade on Tim Duncan's ... errrr ... fashion

In an interview with Details, Dwyane Wade critiques Tim Duncan's sartorial shortcomings, gives us the scoop on Common's pseudo-dunk in "Just Wright" and confesses to being a teary moviegoer:

Q: Worst Style in the NBA?

A: “Tim Duncan doesn’t care. He will wear a 7X shirt ... (laughing) ... he just doesn’t care. I have a teammate, James Jones, he doesn’t care. He has one polo and one jacket for the year. It’s not the worst style. It’s just their style. (laughing) It’s not mine!”

On acting with Common in Just Wright: “When Common dunked in that one scene, the rim was lowered. They shot it right so it looked like he was getting up. Common, I love you ... but he didn’t get up there at all!”

On crying at the movies: “I’m a softy when it comes to movies...I like romantic comedies. I might have shed a tear or two before. "The Titanic" may have got me a little. My eyes got a little watery in "Marley & Me." And I wasn’t ashamed to tell my boys.”

Apparently, there's pride in sentimentality when you have an NBA title under your belt.