Can't Stand The Heat: NBA Finals, June 1

  • Meet the Dallas Cavs.

  • Mavs backup extraordinaire Jason Terry is sleeping with the enemy.

  • The Heat may be the most hated team since the Bad Boys, writes Matt Mosely on FoxSports.com: "It would be easy to turn the NBA Finals into a battle of Good vs. Evil, so let's get right to it. The Miami Heat is the most hated team of the past decade. You almost have to go back to the 'Bad Boys' Pistons to find a group of players that engendered this type of vitriol from fans around the league. But at least the Pistons had lovable sharpshooter Vinnie "Microwave" Johnson to provide some balance."

  • Is Miami the most hated city in America? Page 2 investigates.

  • In this preview clip of his newest film "Bad Teacher,"Jason Segel takes a young LeBron fan to task.

  • Darren Rovell, of CNBC, answers the question: Are the Heat the most hated team to play for the title?

  • Not everybody thinks it’s cool to hate on Miami.

  • Fans are even turning to Facebook to vent about the Heat here and here.

  • Don’t hate LeBron James, cautions Allen Barra of The Atlantic: “Yes, he's rich, arrogant, and made a fool of himself with his nationally televised Decision. But he's also the greatest active player in the game today.”