Can't Stand The Heat: NBA Finals, June 6

  • What's the best way for LeBron James to change his image? Win with class. "This may be LeBron James' last chance. Not his last chance at an NBA title. I'm talking about his last chance to resonate with that legion of people he lost during 'The Decision.'"

  • Tell me again, why am I supposed to dislike the Heat? "Other than a dose of classlessness and immaturity in LeBron’s one hour TV show that ended up being called “The Decision”, what did these three basketball players do that was so wrong? Did they break any rules? No. Did they turn free agency on its ear? No. Did they damage any league process in any way? No."

  • What exactly does it mean to be a hater? "People need to realize that "hating" in sports is not the same as in life. Hating a player or team doesn't mean you're going to try to kill anyone; it's a "healthy hatred" that simply means you're going to root against them. Oftentimes, if your own favorite team is out of the running, rooting against a player or team is the only motivation to watch a game and care about the outcome."

  • According to the Rony Seikaly, the Heat are more motivated now than ever. "And America loves to hate teams like the Heat. They love to build you up and then knock you down. America prefers the underdogs. And the Heat are far from an underdog team. They are the Goliath. The only way to get back into people's graces is to act very humble. And I'm not sure that'll happen."

  • When you attack LeBron James, sometimes he attacks back. "Some media personalities who are controversial for the sake of being controversial (taking controversial, albeit absurd stances makes you into a personality and a brand that generates phone calls on the radio and clicks on the web, etc), are trying to find any possible way to knock LeBron James."

  • Criticism is nothing new for Heat president Pat Riley. "Riley maintained a low profile after assembling the Big Three. He has rarely spoken with the media, although there has been heavy scrutiny on the way he put the team together. Riley faced criticism when he was the slick-haired coach of the Lakers in the ’80s, and when he turned the Knicks into a brutally physical contender during the 1990s."