Can't Stand The Heat: NBA Finals, June 10

  • Fans may not be the only ones rooting against the Heat. According to Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News, other teams have been showing their support for the Mavs (and against Miami) in the form of helpful tips. DeShawn Stevenson (who else?) had no probably tipping off reporters on the matter: "The guys that I deal with, they say a lot of things about how to guard and the way to play them,'' Stevenson said about other players whose seasons are over that he regularly talks to. "And coach [Rick Carlisle] said a lot of coaches called him about how to play the Miami Heat. I just think a lot of people want to see us win this thing.'' Added Stevenson: "I take it as they're not liked for what happened this summer with getting everybody the way they did it and obviously the way they play and showboat, all them things. I just think we're -- I don't want to say clean-cut -- but we're the guys that play the right way, pass the ball and do things. We just got to worry about ourselves. We got a great team and a great group of guys. We just got to go out on the last home game and try to bring this home.''

  • As Darren Rovell tweets, "The LeBron hate is flying." Evidence is here.

  • A Twitter reply to Henry Abbott last night from @zarakand sums things up nicely: "@TrueHoop lol we just hate the heat. Get over it"

  • Watch Bob Ley rhyme his way through "Blow The Whistle," Jay-Z's diss song about Stevenson.