Thursday Hotness

  • Alonzo Morning is in some hot water. The former Heat star and current Heat front-office executive has been sued by 21-year-old William Candelario who claims that Mourning improperly left the scene of a car accident that he was involved in over the weekend. According to the AP report, Mourning crashed his Porsche into a car that was already involved in a collision on a Miami Beach bridge. According to the man who filed the lawsuit, Mourning drove away after hitting one of the cars, which is against state law, but returned to the scene shortly thereafter. Mourning has cooperated with law enforcement, but he has not said whether he struck a vehicle or not. Mourning probably shouldn't have left the scene, but here's a question to ponder: would a lawsuit be filed if he was Alonzo Manning, not Alonzo Mourning?

  • I participated in a TrueHoop 5-on-5 roundtable that discussed Shaq's recent "Big 2" comments. The newly hired TV analyst for Turner Sports became the latest person to take a shot at Bosh for ... not being as talented as two of the most talented wings of all-time? Bosh is an easy target since he doesn't fit the mold of a macho power forward, but maybe it's time we stopped using him as a punching bag. That's what Scott Carefoot proposes over at The Basketball Jones blog: "Should Bosh have expected this kind of treatment when he agreed to join what can only be described as an attempt to create an unstoppable NBA juggernaut? Yeah, he probably should have seen this coming. But I just don’t think mocking him is all that funny, anymore. Call me the NBA’s version of Chris Crocker if you want, but I think it’s time to leave Chris Bosh alone for a little while."

  • Kudos to Mario Chalmers for opening a new shop to help cancer patients. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held Friday, July 22 at the store's location at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital where he was treated for injuries while playing ball at the University of Kansas. (h/t ProBasketballTalk)

  • Lawsuits abound. Dwyane Wade filed a lawsuit in Texas on Monday against hackers who took over his Twitter account and accessed his email. Here's a month-old video on YouTube of a super-hyper Wade addressing his hackers.

  • Want to play around with the Heat's schedule data? Head over to NBAstuffer.com's incredible analysis to see how many back-to-backs and four-games-in-five-days stretches (really!) the Heat are set to have next season.

  • Team websites have cleared out any and all content that features its current players, but that doesn't mean they're devoid of anything interesting. Exhibit A: Couper Moorhead's 6,000-word retro-diary of a Bulls-Heat game from 1992-93 at Heat.com.

  • From this Seattle PI story, we learn that Dexter Pittman used to play for an AAU team founded by David Salinas, an investment manager who sadly committed suicide over the weekend. According to a report by ESPN's Andy Katz, Salinas was allegedly involved in some shady business schemes with prominent college basketball coaches such as Gonzaga's Mark Few and Texas Tech's Billy Gillispie. Pittman played for the Texas Longhorns before being drafted by the Heat.