Thursday Hotness

  • Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk on Chris Bosh: "I’ve compared Bosh to Pau Gasol before because I think it’s apt — not directly in terms of game, they are different in style and Gasol is far more polished; but in terms of situation. These are not guys who can carry teams on their own to titles, but if used right can be key cogs in getting the rings. They are very good second options. Or for Bosh, third option. But we then can’t get mad at them for not acting like option number one."

  • Opportunities aplenty beneath the glass tonight as the Heat and Celtics have two of the league's four worst offensive rebounding rates.

  • Paul Flannery of WEEI leads a thorough discussion of Miami's standing as a basketball town and how much worry we should devote to Chris Bosh's struggles.

  • How are the Heat faring on local television? Overall, ratings are up 112 percent from last season. Miami's loss against Utah on Tuesday night was the highest-rated regular-season game ever on Sun Sports, according to Sports Media Watch: "The previous record was set just days earlier by Friday's Heat/Hornets game (6.8). Prior to this season, the record was a 6.5 for Bulls/Heat in January 1998." The Miami-Fort Lauderdale market is almost identical in size to the Cleveland television market. This season's Heat games are averaging a 5.3 rating. Last year's Cavs games on Fox Sports Ohio? An 8.6 rating.

  • At publication, the least expensive pair of lower-level seats at AmericanAirlines Arena tonight will run you $179.50 apiece.

  • Sebastian Pruiti illustrates Erik Spoelstra's last-possession side-out-of-bounds play from Tuesday night's loss against Utah -- a perimeter screen by Chris Bosh for Dwyane Wade as a means of clearing out the paint for LeBron James, who dives to the basket. As SOBs go, it's a good-looking set, only Paul Millsap extinguishes it by protecting the rim rather than being lured to the perimeter by Bosh.

  • The Jazz mounted another improbable road comeback last night when they beat the Magic in Orlando one night after shocking the Heat in Miami. According to ESPN Stats & Info, 12 teams have Sunshine State back-to-back sets this season -- and Milwaukee and Toronto do it twice.

  • Prior to Tuesday night's loss, LeBron James had never lost a game when his team led by 20 points or more.