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Thursday, June 12, 2014
Heat Reaction: Grading Spurs-Heat, Gm. 4

By Devin Kharpertian

LeBron James
PTS: 28
REB: 8
AST: 2
STL: 0
BLK: 0
FGA-M: 10-17

Hard to stomach how his team showed up. After some early intestinal distress, LeBron's issues cleared up in the second half, as one dunk punctuated 19 of the Heat's 21 third-quarter points. But he needs relief to come from his teammates, and for 48 minutes, none came. He's not on a superteam, he is the superstar, and that's just not enough against these Spurs.

Dwyane Wade
PTS: 10
REB: 2
AST: 4
STL: 4
BLK: 0
FGA-M: 3-13

Paging Dwyane Wade to the American Airlines Arena. Sure, someone was wearing No. 3 for the Heat, but it didn't look like the guy who averaged 20 points on .545-.462-.850 shooting against the Indiana Pacers a series ago. Wade couldn't elevate, couldn't finish shots in the paint, and got beat off the dribble by the paunchy Boris Diaw. Not what you want from your No. 2 option in the Finals.

Chris Bosh
PTS: 12
REB: 4
AST: 0
STL: 2
BLK: 0
FGA-M: 5-11

That didn't last long. After an early effort got him as many shots in the first seven minutes as he took in all of Game 3, his touches and impact tailed off, and the Spurs' spread-out motion offense meant he couldn't make a big defensive impact. It's not that the Heat need more from him -- they need to let him do more.

Mario Chalmers
PTS: 4
REB: 0
AST: 5
STL: 1
BLK: 0
FGA-M: 2-6

What happened to Miami's backcourt? Chalmers looked more like an NBA player than he did in the first three games, but that's kind of like saying Jacksonville is closer than Miami to San Antonio: technically true, but you're still in the wrong area code. Chalmers started the game nearly air-balling a layup, and was confounded by Tony Parker and Patty Mills scampering courtwide throughout.

San Antonio Spurs
FGM-A: 40-70 (57.1%)
3PM-A: 9-21 (42.9%)
REB: 44
TO: 14

You've probably seen a commercial in these Finals for the movie "Lucy," about a woman (Scarlett Johansson) unlocking her full 100 percent brain capacity, giving her telekinesis and the ability to defy physics. Related: the Spurs' offense. They may not have set any Finals records, but man, it didn't take them long to put this one away -- again. Does the season end Sunday?