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Sunday, June 15, 2014
Heat Reaction: Grading Heat-Spurs, Gm. 5

By Devin Kharpertian

LeBron James
PTS: 31
REB: 10
AST: 5
STL: 0
BLK: 2
FGA-M: 10-21

LeBron entered Sunday with the most points per game of any player in elimination games in NBA history, racked up 17 points in 10 superhuman minutes ... and that was pretty much it. With the Spurs' defense keying on him, his supporting cast proved inept as the Spurs regained full control. He couldn't win a title with the NBA's oldest roster this season. A long offseason awaits.

Dwyane Wade
PTS: 11
REB: 3
AST: 1
STL: 0
BLK: 0
FGA-M: 4-12

The defining moment for Dwyane Wade's NBA Finals: In the third quarter, Wade barely lifted off the floor for a feeble layup attempt that was swallowed by Tiago Splitter on the backboard. Wade, slow to rise, loafed back on defense as Patty Mills buried a 3-pointer, kicking off the game-defining Spurs run. This is not the Dwyane Wade we've known. Nowhere close.

Chris Bosh
PTS: 13
REB: 7
AST: 2
STL: 1
BLK: 0
FGA-M: 6-14

Bosh pseudo-guaranteed a win, and, well, here we are. Normally a smart, sound jump shooter, most of his shots came with a lean or a hand in his face, and he was outclassed by Tim Duncan in the rim protection department. He played like their third-best player, but they needed him to be their second-best.

Miami Heat bench

Heading into the fourth quarter, the Heat's bench had one field goal total: a late layup by Mario Chalmers, who was benched for poor play. Erik Spoelstra tried everything with this crew: even Michael Beasley got minutes in the second half. Their second unit flailed while Patty Mills and Manu Ginobili put this one away. There's your game -- and your championship.

San Antonio Spurs
FGM-A: 37-78 (47.4%)
3PM-A: 12-26 (46.2%)
REB: 40
TO: 8

On the biggest stage, they didn't just deliver, they dominated. The Spurs got contributions from their entire roster, no Heat shots came easy in the half court, and the Spurs turned a 16-point deficit into a blowout with a barrage of 3-pointers. Tony Parker missed his first 10 shots and this one was still over in the third quarter. The better team won. No question.