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Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Miller time during Heat's epic possession

By Tom Haberstroh

The Heat pulled down a season-high 16 offensive rebounds in their 98-96 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. But that sum is a bit misleading.

In case you missed it, the Heat had one of the wildest possessions you'll ever see on a basketball court. Late in the second quarter, the Heat fired off eight shots on a single possession thanks to seven offensive rebounds -- nearly half their game total.

Here's the absurdly long play-by-play:

2:45 - Mike Miller defensive rebound
2:36 - Chris Bosh Misses 20-foot jumper
2:34 - Mike Miller offensive rebound
2:31 - Mario Chalmers misses 25-foot three point jumper
2:29 - Mike Miller offensive rebound
2:18 - Dwyane Wade misses 26-foot three point jumper
2:16 - Chris Bosh offensive rebound
2:09 - Mike Miller misses 26-foot three point jumper
2:06 - Mario Chalmers offensive rebound
2:03 - Dwyane Wade misses layup
2:02 - Dwyane Wade offensive rebound
2:00 - Chris Bosh misses 16-foot jumper
2:00 - Joel Anthony offensive rebound
1:58 - Mike Miller misses 25-foot three point jumper
1:54 - Mario Chalmers offensive rebound
1:53 - Mario Chalmers makes 26-foot three point jumper

That's 52 seconds, eight field goal attempts, five three-pointers, and an offensive rebound from every Heat player on the floor. You can watch it all here.

It may be subtle, but Mike Miller is the star of this highlight. You'll see why.

Less than a minute previous to this clip, Miller made his season debut after sitting out for three months with a thumb injury and you can literally see how anxious he was to get his first shot of the season.

When Chris Bosh is about to launch his mid-range jumper -- the first shot of this marathon possession -- with 2:36 on the clock, Miller calls for the ball by flashing his hands toward Bosh. Miller doesn't get the pass but that doesn't stop him from calling for the ball even after Bosh takes the shot. Amusingly, Miller still has his hands ready to receive the pass while the ball descends toward the basket.

But Miller finally gets his mitts on the ball by collecting the offensive rebound not once, but twice on consecutive missed shots. But he still wants his shot.

Miller calls for the ball again after Jason Kidd sags off him at 2:28, but instead, Chalmers feeds it to Bosh in the high post. Rebuffed again, Miller finally has had enough with showing his hands like their magnets. This time, he gets more aggressive by raising his right arm and straight up waving at Bosh for a good three seconds. This gesture rallies the entire Heat bench to stand up to join Miller's cause. Collectively, they all try to get Bosh's attention by pointing in Miller's direction. But Bosh still doesn't see him. Rebuffed a third time, Miller slides over to the corner as Bosh sends it to Dwyane Wade who takes a three-pointer, the third shot of the possession.

And once again, the Heat recover the rebound.

And what does Miller do? Without a moment's hesitation, Miller raises his shooting arm to call for the ball again, this time in the right corner where he was ignored just 15 seconds prior. Sadly, he gets turned down for a fourth time.

But all is not lost. Once Joel Anthony hits Miller's man with a pin down, Miller slides over to the wing and asks for the ball from Chalmers yet again after the point guard penetrates the Dallas defense.

It's at this moment when a fan in a white shirt sitting courtside feverishly points at Miller. This seems to do the trick. Chalmers delivers the pass to Miller, who takes his first three-pointer of the season. Apparently, fifth time's a charm.

But the shot falls short.

Amazingly, the Heat get the rebound again which prompts Miller to relocate to a new position: center court beyond the arc. He shamelessly throws up his magnet hands again as he re-enters the picture at 2:02, but Wade scoops it to Bosh another jumper. Bosh's shot caroms off the back rim directly to Anthony, who turns and finds, yes, Miller who's insatiably looking for another 3-pointer. It falls short again.

Perhaps his hands were tired.

Chalmers nails a 3-pointer and the possession comes to a close.

The final tally? Miller unabashedly called for the rock a total of seven times on the possession and only received the ball twice.

But it wasn't because he didn't try hard enough.

(Thanks to Dan Devine of Yahoo! Sports Ball Don't Lie for finding the video)