Steroids in the NBA?

It had seemed for a while that the NBA had side-stepped the steroid controversy that's now engulfing baseball and football. It doesn't seem that way anymore.

League commissioner David Stern testifies with Players' Association head Billy Hunter in Washington on Thursday. Five NBA players have been invited as well.

According to House Government Reform Committee spokesman Dave Marin, the NBA won't be getting a free pass this time:

A review of the NBA's documents turned up what Marin called "Shaquille O'Neal-sized holes" in the league's drug policy.

The one thing the NBA has going for it? Mass just isn't as useful in this sport. Most NBA players are not nearly as bulky as their football and baseball brethren. Which is not to say there are not performance-enhancing drugs in the NBA. I would bet, however, that it's not nearly at the same level.

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