Cavs Coach Confirms Team's Dalliance with Larry Brown

Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon-Journal does some great reporting. Today, in honor of Larry Brown's visit to Cleveland, Windhorst revisits last summer's flap over Larry Brown and the Cavaliers.

In case you missed it, the rumors were that Brown--while he was under contract and coaching the Detroit Pistons to the NBA Finals--was allegedly talking through back channels (reportedly including William Wesley, I kid you not) to take a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

One of the most stinging allegations that Brown was cheating on the Pistons came with the story that Brown helped the Cavaliers select Mike Brown as their coach--even though we was working for a competitor at the time.

In today's paper, Brown admits to Windhorst that indeed, Brown was an important voice in the hiring process.

...he admits the ownership made sure that Larry Brown signed off on his hiring when there was still that chance.

``I don't know how he was close to our owners, but I know they did their homework and Larry was one of the guys they talked to and I know Larry endorsed me,'' Mike Brown said. ``And I picked Larry's brain during the process. But I talked to a lot of guys.''