Stephen Jackson's Get Out of Golden State Card

by Chad Ford

Golden State Warriors swingman Stephen Jackson has been openly pining for a trade for weeks. He's tried to force the Warriors to dump him by publicly demanding a trade to a contender, skirmishing with coach Don Nelson (and being suspended), and having his agent, Mark Stevens, rip Nelson on ESPN.com.

Meanwhile, Jackson does have a way out of Golden State if he really wants out.

The collective bargaining agreement allows a player and team to negotiate a buyout that reduce the compensation owed to the player. While the union doesn't love buyouts, they have been supportive in the past when players have sought them.

If Jackson were forgo his three-year extension, he could be paid in full for this season but also get his freedom and the opportunity to increase his 2009-10 wages while joining the team of his choice, playing for his next contract and becoming a member of the 2010 free-agent class, if he chose to do so.

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