NBA All-Star Weekend Parties

I just got a spam comment promoting a website called NBAParty.com.

It's timely. In light of the recent talk about William Wesley as a party promoter, and the discussion FreeDarko started about All-Star Weekend, this site really hammers home the magnitude of what will happen after hours in Houston.

Clicking around, I found a whole bunch of interesting stuff. There are parties of two Leon Rose clients and William Wesley associates, LeBron James and Allen Iverson.

There are all kinds of things that cost $50 or more to get into. Some of them are in venues that hold thousands of people. If history is any guide, a lot of people will spend good money to get into these events, and then they will never really get to hobnob with celebrities at all. The big names will likely be at some other, invitation-only party. (A lot of them, including Paul Pierce, Mark Cuban, Richard Jefferson, Dirk Nowitzki, David Stern, LL Cool J, Bill Clinton, Alonzo Mourning, and some women wearing nothing but body paint were at a Players' Association party I went to during Atlanta's All-Star game. But I digress.) The big point is, there's some money in all this party promotion.

There's also some stuff the NBA probably would not want to promote. For instance, here you can apply to be a "model" at Allen Iverson's weekend-long party, the same party that charges $300 for access to the area with "VIP hostesses."