Tuesday Bullets

By Henry Abbott

  • Ron Artest is ready for his close-up. And he's barely clothed. The lengths people will go to for attention.

  • John Krolik of Cavs the Blog, parsing some new 82games.com numbers: "It’s still early, but LeBron’s jump shot has been really, really, really good. His eFG% on jump shots is at 47.7% so far, which would be a huge upgrade over his jump shooting numbers in previous years. Not only that, but his jump shooting efficiency has been better than Durant’s, Wade’s, Roy’s, Dirk’s, Carmelo’s, Ray Allen’s, and just about any other high-usage wing who generally takes outside shots with the ball in his hands. The fact that only 12% of LeBron’s jump shots have been assisted makes this even more impressive. And now, of course, all anybody wants to talk about is how he doesn’t use the post enough."

  • Is it important to you that official NBA uniforms continue to be made in the U.S.A.? If so, read this, because it seems likely that's about to change.

  • For the LeBron James documentary "More Than a Game," some scenes were shot in the apartment where James and his mother once lived. That bit of filming is causing a stink in local media, thanks to some apparently embittered people who now live in or manage that property, and feel they have been treated badly.

  • Kevin Durant blogs about how great the Cheesecake Factory is.

  • Rajon Rondo's evolving relationship with his jumper.

  • Dwight Jaynes on Brandon Roy and Andre Miller: "My advice to Kevin Pritchard is to get Miller out of here as quickly as humanly possible. Get whatever you can for him. Chalk this one up to one big mistake and forget about trying to bring a real point guard to this team -- because it’s always going to be Roy. This is no place for Andre Miller. McMillan wants to play Jerryd Bayless, too -- and there’s no doubt now that Roy is the real point guard. You could bring Chris Paul in here and he’s not going to want to give Paul the ball. And I’d offer this piece of free advice to Nate McMillan: It may be 'Brandon Roy’s team' but if that team doesn’t win, Brandon Roy won’t get fired, you will."

  • Why does Greg Oden get his feet so high when he dunks? I know, it's pretty emphatic and fun and everything. But every time he does it I worry that he's going to get hurt or kick somebody.

  • Surely the definitive anti-elitist Raptors fan t-shirt.

  • Remember Michael Lewis' famous cover story about Shane Battier? It was huge in my world. People talk about it all the time. It was meaningful peek into a new way of assessing players. Today, two pieces of insight: Chris Ballard, in a podcast, says that none of Battier's teammates knew about that article. Just wasn't a big deal in the players' worlds. And on the same day, we learn that Kobe Bryant found that story very interesting, and asked one of Tim Grover's employees to prepare reports for him much like the Rockets give Battier. So, some players were paying attention.

  • Steve Nash is friends with French superstar soccer player Thierry Henry, who recently used his hand (apparently that's not allowed in soccer) in scoring the deciding goal against Ireland, that secured a World Cup berth for France. The Arizona Republic's Paul Coro quotes Nash: "The ball came over 15 peoples' heads, skipped on a wet grass and hit his arm. Whether he made a reaction to handball or not, we're talking about a split second. I don't think you can hang someone for murder when they just put their hand up. Manslaughter, maybe. It's a reaction. and anyone in that situation would've done that. We could always say, 'He celebrated after,' and did all that. When there are 80,000 people in your country that are erupting as you made the World Cup, I'd like to see how many of us would tell everyone to sit down and actually hand him the ball. It's the referee's job."