Laser Pointer Electrifies LeBron James

From AP writer George Henry's account of last night's Atlanta/Cleveland game.

LeBron James didn't appreciate a fan's attempt to disrupt his concentration with a laser pointer. So he took out his frustration on the bumbling Atlanta Hawks.

"Those things can damage your eyes something bad," James said. "I was standing at the foul line in the fourth quarter when the ref noticed a red dot near my forehead. That's pretty serious."

James had 38 points, nine rebounds and six assists as the Cleveland Cavaliers won their third straight game, 106-97 on Wednesday night.

An Atlanta police officer, who declined to give his name, said law enforcement was unable to find or identify anyone shining a laser pointer from the end zone near the Hawks' bench.

James added that this game was the first in his three-year career that a fan used a laser light against him.