Scoop Jackson on Kobe Bryant's Media Timing

Donnell Alexander (more about him here) just published a little interview with ESPN's Scoop Jackson. There's some interesting insight into Kobe Bryant's wily ways with the media:

Alexander: That game happened in the lull after the NFL conference championship games. Do you feel like Kobe came close to tearing the Super Bowl buzz entirely out of the frame?
Jackson: He did. I'm not saying Kobe is this calculating, but it's interesting how things fall his way. He sets himself up on stages to almost overtake situations. I mean, he tried to take over LeBron [James�s] draft.

Alexander: Explain this.
Jackson: You forgot? When did he break the news that he was gonna test the free agent market to [reporter] Jim Gray? The night LeBron was getting drafted. He waits �til that day. I'm not saying he set the shit up with the Super Bowl, but trust me, I'm pretty sure it went through his mind.

Who knows if there's anything to this. But next time Bryant makes big news--especially the kind that could have waited--I'll certainly look around the league to see what else is going on, just in case.

UPDATE: My apologies: Out of sheer boneheadedness, I completely forgot to include the link to this interview. It's worth clicking over to read. Thanks to Nick for the heads up.