Daily News Interviews Isiah Thomas's "Love Child"

Man, the Daily News is going to town on this Isiah Thomas story. Just reading the Daily News coverage of this one NBA story would take hours and hours.

I guess it has sports, it has celebrity, and it has sex, and those are certainly things that sell newspapers.

Today, staff writers Darren Everson and Dave Goldiner discuss the child Isiah Thomas has never met.

Speaking out for the first time, Marc Dones, 19, an aspiring writer whose mom had a brief affair with a then-engaged Thomas two decades ago, said he still pines for an opportunity to get to know the father he's only seen on TV.

"People should be parents. That's it," Dones said. "By the time I turn 20, I should get to say two words to my father: 'Hello. Goodbye.' If that's it, then I should get those two."