NBA Insider: Wesley with LeBron's Friends at All-Star 2005

One theory that has come up in the comments of various TrueHoop posts since the William Wesley investigation began is that William Wesley may have played a role in convincing LeBron James to dump his original agent, Aaron Goodwin.

As at least one version of the story goes, LeBron James' friends Maverick Carter, Randy Mims, and Richard Paul were seduced by Wesley into encouraging LeBron James to dump his agent, Aaron Goodwin--in order to embrace a new scenario in which Carter, Mims, Paul, Wesley, and Leon Rose could all share in the money to be made by representing James.

People have told me vehemently, without presenting real evidence, that this is absolutely true. People have also told me vehemently, without presenting real evidence, that this is absolutely not true.

I don't yet feel convinced either way.

However, I did have an e-mail exchange recently with a well-known NBA Insider, who, when asked generally about Wesley, wrote this:

At the All-Star game in Denver last year, I stayed at the same hotel Wes and the "Four Horsemen" from LeBron's camp did. When I saw them all walk out and get in a car together, I knew Aaron Goodwin's days were coming to an end, and Leon Rose would soon somehow would be in the picture. Of course, the rest is history.

The 2005 All-Star game was the weekend of February 18-20. James officially dumped the Goodwins in May.

By the way, two things worth reading related to this issue: Here's a blog post from that period with a description of the roles of the different horsemen. And this is ESPN's Darren Rovell summing up the issues involved from that time. Rovell does not mention Wesley, and he quotes basketball insider Sonny Vaccaro saying this:

"What is happening now is just a sign of our times, because everyone wants to be with and grow a company or business with their own people. This was the natural offshoot. It's not like this is an illegitimate group that is raiding the coffers."