Commenters chased Brendan Haywood out of blogging

By Henry Abbott

The Wizards center isn't scared to meet Vince Carter or Carmelo Anthony at the rim. But when it comes to internet commenters ... he'll pass.

In what he says will be his final blog post, at YardBarker, Brendan Haywood writes:

Gilbert Arenas told me that it would be like that when I first started blogging but I guess I had to see for myself. I was amazed at how people cold really misinterpret my words!

I did a blog about how Mike Vick should be given a second chance because he had paid his debt to society and I had people calling the Wizards asking why I supported dog fighting?! I couldn’t understand how you read my blog and came to that conclusion.

After my last blog, which was definitely fiery and one of my favorite pieces, about how Elin Woods acted after the Tiger fiasco, we had people calling the Wizards saying that I supported cheating and violence towards women. Once again, this couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth! You never want management fielding those types of calls about you, especially in a contract year (lol).