Thursday Bullets

  • Tonight Kobe Bryant is back on TV in Nike ads.

  • NBA players, here's a hint: when you're choosing your money managers, look for the one without the wicked gambling addiction. This guy fleeced Mark Jackson.

  • Steven Hunter is not heading to New Orleans after all.

  • Zach Randolph is 6-9, 253. Last night he didn't get one single defensive rebound in 31 minutes. But, oddly, he got nine offensive rebounds. Stat hounds, has this ever happened before? (Thanks Randy for noticing this.)

  • Looks like Jason Kidd won't be an all-star this year. Unimaginable a year or two ago, but with the rise of Eastern guards, and his notable decline in the first half of this season, it's probably justified.

  • Behind the Blazers Beat on the Sebastian Telfair documentary Through the Fire: "I walked away from the film with a greater respect for Telfair. This kid has been through a lot, from growing up in a tough Coney Island environment, to the attention and pressure put on him by the hype of being a New York City phenom."

  • On this one, I love to say I told you so: let's face it, Miami has not been the scary powerhouse everyone thought they would be. Ira Winderman on the game in Dallas: "Come out of American Airlines Center with more claptrap about how it's (fill in the blank: 'Too early to worry' or 'Tough to win on the road' or 'Not so important to win against the Western Conference') and we might as well flip over the cards and hope this team truly can turn it on at will during the postseason."

  • Of interest to lots of crappy teams: a look at who gets drafted third, fourth, and fifth and how well they have fared.

  • I love grassroots campaigns. Here's one to keep Joel Przybilla in Portland. Power to the people!

  • Allen Iverson, the dress code, and a bunch of lawyers. Lawyer Alan Milstein: "When Allen sees little boys in bling-bling trying to look like him, he doesn't think he's corrupting them -he thinks they look sharp!"

  • Report: Keith Bogans nearly a Rocket.

  • Respected black NBA reporter Chris Broussard: "I know it's hard brothas. After all, this is our sport..." but Steve Nash is MVP.