What about Steve Francis as a Knick?

Everyone and their brother has the story that Steve Francis might be heading to the Knicks today or tomorrow, in exchange for some combination of Jamal Crawford, Maurice Taylor, Trevor Ariza, Penny Hardaway, and some of Otis Smith's favorite brand of bath salts.

What do you think about that? Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury. Two pass-last point guards. Isiah Thomas has always loved the little ballhogs. Maybe he can make it work, but Marc Berman of the New York Post quotes an anonymous NBA coach (hope is wasn't Larry Brown) saying this doesn't seem like a good fit.

"He'd be one of the last guys I would think they would want," one NBA coach told The Post. "Watching them, he's another guy who wants the ball. That's their whole problem. They need guys more willing to play without the ball.

(Berman article via HoopsHype)

By the way, Portland fans, the Times version of this deal does not involve Penny Hardaway, and specifies that a trade for Darius Miles or Theo Ratliff is still very much possible.

The Daily News version of events is different, and says the Knicks are confident they will get either Francis, Kenyon Martin, or Theo Ratliff and maybe Darius Miles for a package with Anfernee Hardaway at the center.

UPDATE: I hate passing along a bunch of rumors, but just for fun, here's one about Kevin Garnett allegedly heading to New York for Penny Hardaway, Channing Frye, and more of those same bath salts that everyone seems to like so much.