Gasol on Gasol

February, 2, 2010
Hollinger By John Hollinger
A couple of follow-up items from Monday night’s game in Memphis. First, it’s all over the Web that Pau Gasol complained about a lack of shots and post touches after the game, something he’s alluded to on several other occasions in recent history.

What made that doubly interesting to me is that before the game he noted his brother Marc is in much the same position in Memphis.

“I expect a lot more out of him,” said Pau Gasol. “He’s a player that’s going to continue to get better and produce more, that’s just the way I see it. It’s not like he’s shooting a lot of balls, but he’s bringing balance, he’ bringing toughness, but that’s what they need. They don’t need another guy who wants to score because they have enough of that.”

But make no mistake, Pau sounded very happy about the trade that sent him to L.A. exactly two years ago yesterday ... at least when I talked to him before the game.

“A lot of good things have happened from that point on,” said Pau. “I’m extremely thankful for where I am and I’m happy that my brother’s doing well.”

And there’s one other entertaining item to pass along. I talked to Marc Gasol about playing an alleged home game in front of a packed crowd rooting for the other team.

“I remember talking to Pau when he was here and I was in Spain,” said Marc. “He said don’t get upset when you see more fans, in your arena, being louder for the other team than your team.”

It was an unusual concept for Marc, who said in Barcelona “that’s not allowed.”



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